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wow. that does seem pretty over-the-top.

Shouldn't there be a limitation in time NDA, by law? IANAL (even less in USofA), so it is a serious question.

So, even though there is far less software available for the Mac, for me there's enough , and enough is all I need.

All NDA's binding individuals are evil

NDAs are devices to bind corporations - not human beings.

Never sign them as an individual.

Either your employer trusts you to respect their commercial secrets, or they do not.

They can make every effort to bring the importance of continued commercial secrecy to your attention, and how your continued employment depends upon the care you demonstrate in maintaining this secrecy, but NDAs are simply unethical frighteners (and as ineffective as disclaimers at the foot of e-mails).

Funny, I've actually seen this NDA in action. A friend and coworker of mine went to Google last year and couldn't tell us where he was headed or what he was doing -- we just chalked it up to him being secretive. We only found out about him being employed there through some weird rumor mill.

It seemed almost comical at the time. Still sort of does...

Clearly NOT legal advice.

This is not legal advice

In my experience as a law school graduate waiting for results of the California Bar Exam, you cannot be bound by a contract that required you to do something illegal. Regardless of whether or not you sign this contract, you cannot be bound by the portion that requires you to illegally disclose your receipt of a National Security letter.

Again, this is not legal advice <-- the lawyers make me say this or I can get in trouble for illegally giving legal advice without a license.

Does Google have headquarters in Boston, or would you be moving to Cali? Other than this poorly drafted paranoid contract, I have heard only good things about Google, I heard that the founders are all Burning Man folks and it seems that they treat their employees really well other than making them sign away their firstborn. ;-) Best of luck with all your decision making over the next few weeks. I know that with a quality resume like you've got it will mostly be a matter of you choosing where you want to work and who you want to grace with your presence and your giant computer crunching brain.
Cheers hun.

This is not legal advice.

I asked my friend who lawyer and he says you cannot copyright contracts by their very nature.

(Before you sign it, I would assume that means you can feel free to post it online)

Unless they know him personally they can't say why he posts what he does. If you don't like his site, don't visit it.

As a result of the slashdot article, I've posted my own experiences dealing with Amazon and A2Z NDAs. They have the same trademark stupidity.


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