Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

Murder in Small Town X

Here's a review of "Murder in Small Town X" posted on the Sarah Slean mailing list. Sarah Slean's a really great singer/songwriter, who's got (apparently) a bit part as (surprise!) a singer/songwriter in a club in "small town X".
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 21:49:29 -0400
From: meredith <meth@smoe.org>
To: navy-soup@smoe.org
Subject: [Navy Soup] sarah on tv


Just caught Sarah on "Murder In Small Town X". It was just after the half-hour commercial break, we saw her onstage singing "Sweet Ones" for about 1.5 seconds and then caught glimpses of her standing in the background at the end of the club scene. She was also singing another song elsewhere in the scene, but I couldn't hear it well enough to tell what it was. It was a slower one.

I have to say the show itself sucks. All of the so-called townspeople are clearly actors (for one, there are no people of color in Down East Maine, and for two, they're pronouncing all the local place names wrong), and the "investigators" are idiots.

Do we know if Sarah is in any more episodes? I don't want to subject myself to this dreck unless I absolutely have to. :)

Meredith Tarr
New Haven, CT USA

I don't think I'll be watching this particular reality show. =)

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