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On Missile Defense
The San Francisco Chronicle's Aug 12, 2001 edition contains a great article titled On Missile Defense: a pattern of deception. It outlines the Bush administration's plans for the militarization of space. A key paragraph:
Bruce Gagnon, international coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and National Power in Space, says that "This whole missile defense program is ultimately a Trojan horse. Pentagon officials understand that they can't come before the American people and say, 'Give us hundreds of billions of dollars so we can have offensive weapons in space.' We are talking about creating a new arms race in space that will make the aerospace corporations richer than one could imagine."

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Lets put weapons of mass destruction in a place we have yet to understand, much less master. How very cosmopolitan. You give 'em an inch and they'll steal your land and your food and your resources and your language and.....well, you get the idea. America at its pirated best. By the way, I couldn't help noticing that you're a Matt Ruff fan. I haven't met any of those aside from myself.

Yes, it's true: Matt Ruff fans are unfortunately too few and far between. I keep waiting for him to write another book! Sewer, Gas, and Electric especially was a tour de force... sigh.

It was by complete accident that I became a fan. I found Sewer, Gas and Electric at a used book store for a dollar and the cover just sort of said, "Hey, big guy, buy me eh?" So I did and it took up space on my shelf for a couple of months but then it said, "Hey, big guy, read me eh?" So I did. Then I went out and bought Fool on the Hill. Tell me if he comes out with anything new.

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