Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

Thursday Peace Rally!

Thanks to my friend Whitney for pointing me to this; please come if you're nearby!

Thursday, September 20
12 Noon, MIT Stratton Student Center Steps

Join MIT students as they rally for peace simultaneously with students at Cornell, Colombia (NY), Wesleyan (CT), the University of Southern California, Hunter College, Vassar, U.C. Berkeley, Penn State, the University of Kansas, Middlebury, Wesleyan (OH), Oberlin college, Harvard University, and many other colleges and universities across the country.

Come and advocate for:

  1. sympathy for the victims and their families;
  2. the sanctity of all human life;
  3. the protection of civil liberties;
  4. the importance of exercising caution in our governmental response; and
  5. the need to examine America's foreign policies.

Hear professors speak, listen to music, and join in the making of a peace quilt.

This rally will not be divisive or anti-American: We are just making sure that the voices of millions of peaceful Americans and residents are heard and considered. Together we can prevent this terrible tragedy from escalating to a bigger one!


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