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Bush Sr. Apologizes To Son For Funding Bin Laden In '80s

(From The Onion, unfortunately. Wouldn't be nice if this were true?)

MIDLAND, TX --- Former president George Bush issued an apology to his son Monday for advocating the CIA's mid-'80s funding of Osama bin Laden, who at the time was resisting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. "I'm sorry, son," Bush told President George W. Bush. "We thought it was a good idea at the time because he was part of a group fighting communism in Central Asia. We called them 'freedom fighters' back then. I know it sounds weird. You sort of had to be there." Bush is still deliberating over whether to tell his son about the whole supporting-Saddam Hussein-against-Iran thing.

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i love the onion. damn :)

For a split second I thought it was factual, and I was all "I can't believe it! The Onion totally predicted this! It's coming true! Apocalypse! Ye Gods!"

Then I realized that you and I just have the same taste in fake newspapers.

You know what I also enjoyed reading? Your bio.

Rock on.

You made me go re-read my bio, and then I got all excited about the 'similar interests' thing and went to go check whether there was anyone new on LJ who matched my weird ball of personality, fun people i'd probably never met before, new to this journal thing since the last time i checked --- heck, *you* might actually have shown up on it (haven't met you before, pleased to meet ya) --- and maybe that's actually why you found my bio interesting --- all these crazy thoughts in my head and then...

LJ seems to have disabled the feature.

No doubt only for 'free accounts' like yours truely, but still.


Days gone by.

Whatever, I'm not a second class citizen. I was able to find you and harass you independently!

So you see, there's no problem.

Re: dissimilar, sigh.

Ah, I see. I just don't matter any more.

Enough with the self-pity already! In my day, when we wanted to see who had certain cool interests, we plugged said interests into "find by interests" manually.

It's how I met your mother. Er, you, rather.

And I'm a free user, too...I totally use people. I'm evil I tell you!! BWAHAHAAH!!!

Re: dissimilar, sigh.

Oooh, oooh, now I'm curious: *which* interest was it that led you to me?

I'm guessing not 'circus freaks'.

(Is that in my interests list? Gosh-darn-it it should be!)

Really. There isn't enough circus freak awareness.

I like to keep tabs on my fellow linguists.

(Aw, crap...Now I'm geeky AND I'm a stalker.)

Re: dissimilar, sigh.

See now you've recaptured my interest. I've always had a soft spot for optimality theory. And phonology... ! I was all happy when I learned that Apolo Ohno's father was Japanese. I was *so* concerned about that single-l previously.

Re: dissimilar, sigh.

See subject.


Stop. You had me at hello.

Hello. =)

(Going through old mail; rediscovered an old thread.)

See you 'round 'bout the 7th. I promise not to bring up phonology or optimality theory. =)

[btw, new stuff at http://cscott.net/Fuze now, if you're curious. Some recent personal events foreshadowed & treated...]

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