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Happy Graduation, Stephanie!!
My step-sister Stephanie graduated from the eighth grade today. Hurrah!

In other news, I met my step-brother Brian Gaskill for the first time today; he flew in from the west coast for the occassion. If you're keeping track at home, that means I've got one real brother, one step-sister and one step-brother (who themselves are half-siblings), one half-brother and one half-sister, and one ex-step-sister. This is what passes for a nuclear family in the third millennium. It's fun!


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Brian Gaskill

Do you mean Brian Gaskill ... the actor on Port Charles?

Re. Brian Gaskill

If it's not too personal, and if you don't mind me asking .... how come you're only meeting him now for the first time?

Re: Re. Brian Gaskill

Because my mother only married my step-father (Brian's father) less than two years ago. Brian was raised by his mother and didn't come to the wedding; this turns out to be the first time since they married (and since my mother met my step-father) that he's come out to the east coast.

Re: Brian Gaskill

So, I guess I'm not the only one with a mixed up family. I kind of have the same situation as you, except I met my brother and sister when I was six. Now, I'm one of twenty kids (ten of who are step).

I am gathering you are an Armenian.

This is just a hello. I am an Armenian too.
Wanted to seek an advice on Linux. But do not yet have questions.
Will have for certain...later on

How do you like Goethe?



Goethe? I don't, particularly. I've read Faustus, etc, but found them heavy going (though worthwhile, certainly).

You like Eugene Ionesco!
That makes you a neat-o guy.

congrats on graduation

im really happy that you graduated its cool you got to meet your step bro for the first time im a big fan of his good luck in all you do email me sometime if you have time

Leslie Graves

Hey, I am the ex-step-sister. I am glad you still remember me:) Believe it or not I am 30! I see you are still a computer guy. You and Scott developing computer games in Alabama are some of my memories of you both. I was the older step-sister and could barely turn on the computer much less write a computer game like you two. You are right this is the nuclear family of the millennium. Maybe we should call it a family forest not a tree... I now live in Dallas, TX and have a half-sister too. Let the forest grow.

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