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My TV show airs today!
Tonight I appear on the TLC show Escape from Experiment Island, doing that electrical thing that I do best. Click on the link for show info, dates and times; briefly: tonight at 10pm and 1am, and this Sunday at 3pm.

To mark the occasion, I thought I'd transfer to my LiveJournal some random notes I scribbled in my notebook while at Toronto's airport awaiting a connection flight to Scotland, to film this show.

"Passengers are reminded that bags must not be left unattended even for a moment. Bags left unattended will be confiscated by security personnel. <repeats in French>"

--heard over the intercom while waiting for a shuttle bus

This is a perfect base for an absurdist comedy --- not the conventional "doors" comedy where folk run in and out of a room, just barely missing each other --- instead a "bags" comedy, where anonymous uniformed men keep walking by to swipe the characters bags, parcels, and packages. Some character leaves a packaged ELEPHANT on stage --- the audience wonders --- then a swarm of securitate appear and drag it efficiently off.

And did I mention the armed national guardsmen at every exit, on stage and off?

And that the actors are all carrying their shoes?

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How can you be into William Finn AND saving the world? A new brain and Adbusters? I thought I was the biggest freak in the universe - protesting downtown with traces of Chip Zien singing in my head.

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