May 5th, 2001

(no subject)

Ok, my main page is using the LiveJournal now, and as of this entry, I'm not updating the Blogger. The answer to my previous question, "what's not to like about LiveJournal?" is "embedding the web log is a pain in the frickin' neck!" But anyone who wants to be cool like me can add:

<script language="JavaScript" type="application/x-javascript"

to your page, replacing 'cananian' with whatever your LiveJournal user name is. Without the ';enc=js' in the URL you get a stripped down HTML version, if you'd like to use server includes to embed that directly. And, for what it's worth, replacing 'enc=js' with 'enc=fulldoc' will return a complete HTML document with header and doctype which will correctly validate. Don't really know why you'd want to do that, except maybe to auto-check the HTML in your log entries?

Coming someday: a redesigned front-page for yours truely. I'm thinking two columns, with the buttons currently above, off to the left, and the web log content off on the right? Whatd'ya think?

[Incidentally, Netscape Navigator 4.x crashes when you try to output styled DIV elements via JavaScript. No idea why. My cgi script above contains a work-around to fix this... sigh.]