May 28th, 2001

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Today Martin (my marvellous advisor) decreed a "PowerPoint standard" for presentations for our group (which he also renamed "PAC" in a fit of pique --- more on that later). Didn't take Patrick more than 2 hours to come up with our new power-point *replacement*: MagicPoint.


Geeky Plays

OK, I've been obsessed with math/sci plays of late. Here are a few that I'd *love* to work on:
  • Copenhagen, by Michael Frayn. Probes the undecidabilities at the heart of Werner Heisenberg's wartime atomic bomb effort for Hitler.
  • Proof, by David Auburn. A mix of mystery and math in some ways similar to Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard. Very nicely written.
  • No Mercy, by Constance Congdon. About the first atomic bomb test. Achieves a nice spiritual aspect on the lost boys of our nuclear program...
  • An Experiment With An Air Pump by Shelagh Stephenson. Actually, I haven't read this one yet, but it's been recommended and is on my to-do list. =)