March 14th, 2002


So, I typed in "scott ananian" into google today, just to see what would turn up.

What I found out is that I need to get off this darn computer more. My whole life is already archived electronically for me --- obviously I'm not spending enough time in the real world.

But here are my favorite self-links:

  • Well, first off, I've been going through a tough time in my research, and I've gotten quite a bit down about my not having published nearly enough (I feel) for the amount of time and work I've put into my graduate education so far. So it was nice to find a nice reference to some of my work, and another citation. Hopefully there'll be more coming (I'm working on an OOPSLA paper right now) but it's a start.
  • The program of one of the first shows I ever did lights for. My good friend Melissa was the lighting designer, and she talked me into working as her master electrician. Before that point, I'd been a wood-sawing type; you'll notice that my "real" job on the program is technical director and master carpenter.
  • Some completely undeserved abuse (search for my name). As well as some which I probably deserved. Always nice to know that people are out there forming opinions of you who've never met you in person. =)
  • Another of my filings in the Microsoft trial. (The complete list of filings is here; don't know where the main page for this case is.)
  • Random mentions in dead tree publications that I didn't even know about. Both in reference to a Salon article I wrote; one mention in Scientific American and one in a book published by NYU.
  • That's enough narcissm for now. Back to work for me. =)