September 9th, 2003

RIAA-v-MIT, take 3

From today's "The Tech":
MIT answered a subpoena from the record industry last night, naming Claudiu A. Prisnel '06 in response to the industry associations request for the name of a network user ... . Prisnel, a member of Theta Delta Chi, denies that he is the "alleged infringer" identified by the association's subpoena ... . "Between the dates of May 25, 2003 and August 25, 2003, I have been travelling in Europe," he wrote to MIT attorney Mark DiVincenzo... . "In particular, on June 27, at the time of the alleged infringement, I was in Romania."

Prisnel, who is Romanian, showed a reporter copies of immigration documents and airplane tickets that appear to support his account. ... Prisnel says he has never owned a computer in the United States, a fact to which 20 other students signed a statement attesting on his behalf. And, Prisnel wrote to DiVincenzo, "I have never used or been affiliated with the user name 'crazyface@KaZaA,'" which was identified by the ... RIAA as the KaZaA account used.

In other news: the RIAA has filed suit against 261 more people, including a 12-year-old girl, Brianna LaHara. Brianna lives with her mom and 9-year old brother in a NYC Housing Authority apartment. Finally, the RIAA's "amnesty program" may not in fact provide amnesty: check with the EFF before you enroll.

Boston Ashcroft protests

This morning I, and twelve hundred others, went down to Faneuil hall to protest John Ashcroft's so-called "PATRIOT ACT". I'll put up pictures as soon as I get them off my camera. Meanwhile you can read a Boston Globe editorial, an article describing how the PATRIOT Act curtails online education, or an in-depth Washington Post story describing (among other things) the effect of the PATRIOT act on libraries, Boston legislators, and Oregon police officers. Boston indymedia has a detailed writeup and its own pictures of the Faneuil Hall event.

Faneuil Hall, as you may know, has a large statue of Samuel Adams standing out front. My favorite sign from the protest read, "If Sam Adams were alive, he'd be standing here with us," the protesters. *Exactly*.

I personally held a sign with too much text on it comparing this Hermann Goering quote (April 18, 1946), with this John Ashcroft quote (December 6, 2001).