September 10th, 2003


The RIAA has decided to settle with the twelve-year-old honors-student daughter of a single mother it sued for the low, low price of: $2,000. This is over six month's rent for the family, as the average rent for NYCHA dwellers is only $302. And the family seems to think it got off easy. (More information in the Boston Globe.)

Also today: the RIAA is being sued over its amnesty offer! The suit alleges that the offer is deceptive and fradulent and seeks to entice people to incriminate themselves. The EFF has been saying this too; now there are teeth in the game.

UPDATE 2003-09-11: the 12-year-old's settlement costs will be covered for her by "P2P United". That's good news, at least, for one of the victims. Now what about the 71-year-old grandmother who was sued?

Also --- should KaZaA be liable for these suits? Likely a heavy cost to innovators if the law moves in this direction.