November 3rd, 2003

Diebold Updates

Australia invented the secret ballot. Today, the country down under shows us how voting ought to be done. Open source voting machines, voter-verified audit trail... as the lead engineer says:
Why on earth should (voters) have to trust me -- someone with a vested interest in the project's success? A voter-verified audit trail is the only way to 'prove' the system's integrity to the vast majority of electors, who after all, own the democracy.

I couldn't have put it better.

And as for Diebold? He says:

The only possible motive I can see for disabling some of the security mechanisms and features in their system is to be able to rig elections. It is, at best, bad programming; at worst, the system has been designed to rig an election.

As my contribution to democracy, today I sent my DMCA counterclaim to MIT, asserting my right to replace the Diebold memos on this website. Hopefully reinstatement will follow shortly.

Tomorrow (Election Day!) the EFF will seek a court order to "prevent abusive copyright claims from silencing public debate about voting, the very foundation of our democratic process."

And tomorrow evening David Dill and I will be on WBUR's On Point program sometime between 7 and 9pm EST. WBUR is Boston's local NPR station; I think the program is syndicated nationally, but your local NPR station may or may not pick it up. 90.9 FM for Boston folk. You can stream it on the internet everywhere else.