November 5th, 2003

"On Point" Interview up.

The "On Point" interview is now up in MP3 and Ogg format; both files are about 20M. I used vsound to convert the RealAudio stream; I'm told that "Audio Hijack" works well on Mac OS X, and this page describes how to do the conversion on Windows.

The segment I'm on (about electronic voting machines) starts 16 minutes in; and I am introduced around the 30 minute mark. Be sure to listen to David Dill and Dan Tokaji take questions from callers after the host bids me adieu (at 35 minutes in), as they both applaud the Diebold memo-mirroring effort.

For something completely different... AVS!

Slashdot is covering more touchscreen voting machine failures from yesterday's election. At issue are "WINvote" machines from "Advanced Voting Systems" (AVS), whose management team may seem familiar:
Howard T. Van Pelt, who was invloved in the management of two of the most successful election equipment companies in the industry's history (Computer Elections Systems [CES] and Global Elections Systems [Global], a company he co-founded) became president and chief executive officer in June 2001. [...] Most in the organization, particularly the senior management team, have had a multiplicity of experiences in delivering and implementing voting systems to most of the largest election juristictions in the Unitied States over the years. Their systems experienced includes punch cards (CES Votomatic), optical scan (Global Election Systems' [now Deibold Election Systems] AccuVote) and DRE (Global Election Systems' [now Deibold Election Systems] AccuVaote-TS).
The quote is from []; all typos in the quote are in the original source. So "Advanced Voting Solutions" is just a much of old Global, now Diebold, guys. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

And speaking of confidence, CNN has picked up on Diebold's certification troubles in California. Slowly this is working its way up through the media food-chain.

Coverage / More voting machine troubles.

Paul Roberts of IDG has published his article on the free speech issues raised by Diebold's C&D letters. It quotes me saying,
As a patriotic American, I felt that people needed to know and that I had a duty to tell them about (the Diebold election system problems.) People need to see the primary documents to convince themselves that this stuff is real.

In other election-related news, Diebold misprogrammed voting machines in Macon, GA, causing them to miscount votes for write-in candidates. Further, elections were held in Alameda Country, CA on uncertified voting machines.