February 13th, 2004

E-Voting: Massachusetts and Florida

I will be speaking at a conference on "Electronic Voting in Massachusetts: Problems and Prospects" on Feb 28, cosponsored by the IEEE, ACLU of Massachusetts, League of Women Voters, ACM, and others. I'll be talking about the Diebold memos; I'll post a copy of the talk when its done. Lots of good speakers involved, and it's free of charge; if you're local you may want to come down and Make A Difference (tm).

Moving from Massachusetts to Florida, Nelson Pavlosky of the SCDC pointed out that Florida is giving up on recounting touchscreen ballots, despite a legal mandate to do so. Faced with the conflict between pre-existing law mandating recounts in close elections, and dubious technology which does not permit meaningful recounts --- they've decided to side with the dubious technology. Of course.