March 15th, 2007

Boston PD: putting the "Error" in "Terror".

Courtesy of Bruce Schneier:

Boston Police blow up Traffic Counter

It's not just the Mooninite blinkies. In 2004, the Boston police harrassed a protester by pretending he might be standing on a bomb.

I'm beginning to think that something is seriously wrong with the police chain of command in Boston.

In other news, New Mexico police blew up two CD players which were duct-taped to the bottom church pews and rigged to play rude messages during Mass, and the Dutch police mistook one of their own transmitters for a bomb. Back to Bruce:

Okay, everyone. We need some ideas, here. If we're going to think everything weird is a bomb, then the false alarms are going to kill any hope of security.

If you're having trouble identifying bombs, this quiz should help:
And here's a relevant cartoon.