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Diebold Voting Systems.
Wired news has a very interesting article on last-minute "patches" Diebold made to the Georgia voting machines before an narrow upset election that resulted in a Republican victory for the first time in 130 years. If the article makes you think, you might want to read an interview with a former Diebold employee who personally installed these patches. There is also a short summary of other suspicious problems with electronic voting machines; the source of these tidbits has written a book on voting machine problems.

Some more troublesome stories: the California recall vote was performed on machines with serious known flaws. Elsewhere, an audit by the state of Maryland found several security problems with the Diebold machines they were planning to purchase... so they went ahead and bought them anyway. And timestamped files from a previous California election show that votes were downloaded off the machines before the polling place closed. What possible legitimate reason could there be for that?

Need I mention that Diebold executives are generous political donors? (Thanks to frankie on slashdot for that pointer.)

Have you heard about any of this before? Why isn't this getting mainstream news coverage?

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For the record, my take on this so far is: no definite evidence of rigging the vote, but incredibly solid evidence showing that Diebold is massively incompetent, and that our election systems are not in safe hands. The success of our democracy depends on the success of our voting systems. So: THROW THE BUMS OUT! It's time we formulate solid standards for voting systems and strictly enforce them, for both new and existing systems.

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