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Cease-and-desist from Diebold
Today MIT got a cease-and-desist letter from Diebold about the documents I've mirrored here. It seems they really don't want people to learn how untrustworthy their election equipment is.

As a temporary measure, I've taken down direct links to the lists.tgz archive. The BitTorrent tracker is still up, at --- this is not a hyperlink because of some braindead legal precedent in the 2600 DeCSS case. The torrent file will still work, although no actual content is hosted at Magic! [BitTorrent peers are still very welcome, though: everyone who downloads the file and leaves bittorrent running can contribute to ensuring this content remains available at this link. Let me know if you decide to help out this way.]

My pgp/gpg key is available at; email me if you're interested in helping maintain this mirror.

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the cease-and-desist link is broken...

fixed, thanks.

The C&D is also available at, if for some reason this link ever breaks again.

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