Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

Today's Civil Rights Decline

Last Friday Congress passed an expansion of the FBI's ability to spy on ordinary Americans via secretive "National Security Letters", details of the use of which the FBI has refused to reveal. EPIC is leading the public investigation of these "NSLs", but the FBI has been thumbing its nose at FOIA requests: they recently released a completely-blacked-out six page list to EPIC to "explain" their use of NSLs since 10/26/2001.

And today's death penalty update: the FBI allowed known innocents to be put to death to protect secret informants in Boston. [In an update to an earlier entry in this blog, the FBI has said that it's the "training camps" for anti-war protestors that worry it to the point of infiltrating constitutionally-protected demonstrations. Next up: investigating those suspicious "spring training camps" of baseball players. After all --- some of them are from Cuba!] [More FBI misdeeds: the Judi Bari case.]

Back to Diebold: Dennis Kucinich has requested that the House Judiciary Committee investigate Diebold's abuse of the DMCA to suppress its memos. And, in the historical-offenses drawer: security problems with Diebold ATMs.

Tags: diebold, dmca, elections

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