Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

PATRIOT in Vegas

The Boston Globe published an article entitled, "PATRIOT Act Gets Mixed Review in Vegas" by Steve Friess on Nov 8, 2003, which examines the blossoming use of PATRIOT powers for investigations which have nothing to do with terrorism. Previously I've mentioned how pipe bombs have become "weapons of mass destruction" and methamphetamine has become a "chemical weapon" to justify the use of PATRIOT; in this case "money-laundering" is the term which is pushed upon, and hard. Unfortunately, the Globe requires payment of a fee to view their old articles. Here's the summary given by a search:
LAS VEGAS - This scandal has everything: Top politicians indicted on multiple counts of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from the owner of local strip clubs in exchange for looser regulations of what strippers can do.

But what has this got to do with terrorism?

Nothing at all, everybody involved agrees. Yet FBI agents in Las Vegas used a provision of the USA Patriot Act to obtain the financial records of several suspects in the case. It is one of more than a dozen...


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