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Diebold says, "Uncle! We didn't mean it!"
Diebold has filed a court document asserting that it is withdrawing all its Cease-and-Desist letters and does not plan on filing any lawsuits --- not even the one they threatened against me. Of course, it is doing this in order to forestall the EFF/Stanford's lawsuit against it. Since the EFF and Stanford law clinic were filing suit in order to obtain an injunction preventing Diebold from threatening any more people with its bogus claims, Diebold is hoping that saying "we won't do it again" is enough to get the case dropped. Of course, we'd like the judge to issue a definitive ruling anyway, since I trust Diebold about as far as I can throw one of their voting machines. Or ATMs, for that matter.

Details on this from Lawrence Lessig, Ed Felten, and Joe Hall, who also points out how the memo contents have been used so far to reform California's election law.

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Hey dude, this is Nelson from the SCDC... Keep up the good work! The whole Diebold-CD community is amazing. You've been doing great stuff on your end, as I can see from reading your livejournal. I just got one myself, and it's really insane how many college students have one, it kind of makes me excited in spite of myself. Do you know anyone else on the mailing list who has one? Can I, like, add you as my friend?

My only concern is over letting somebody else have control over something as personal as my weblog, so I intend to keep my main blog on our Swarthmore College server. Are you at all concerned about having control over your blog?

And you really put that blog spammer from Microvote in his place :-) He didn't have anything intelligent to say. Rock on!

I was worried about the loss-of-control thing, too, but there are several good livejournal clients that let you archive all your postings in XML form -- although not the comments, I think. But there exists that mechanism to pull your posts and recreate them on your own server, if it ever comes to that. That was a key factor (for me) in deciding to trust livejournal with so much of my writing.

But, in the end, I haven't actually pulled a backup copy of my journal ever. I guess LJ has proven themselves trustworthy. Still, a nagging voice says I probably should set up a cronjob once a month or so. Just in case...

I've got a heck of a lot of backed-up Elections-related stuff to post. Perhaps Bev's press conference tomorrow will give me the push I need to clear out my backlog. =)

Oh, and ureshay on the iendsfray. =)

Oh, and regarding livejournal 'control' -- you'll notice that if you visit that I've 'embedded' lj into my own home page, so that all the benefits of having lj maintain the blog service without having to make lj my 'real' home. I really ought to wrap the archive pages in my proxy, too. The only real problem is people coming to the LJ page and not realizing that the versions of the pages are 'canonical'. Anyhow, this old entry from 2001 explains how I did the embedding.

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