Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

VerifiedVoting Lobby Days prelim report

Just got back from DC at 8am this morning after a travel disaster: a smoke alarm in one of the restaurants in DC's Union Station went off just before 7pm, causing a full evacuation of the building, which is a metro, bus, and light-rail hub. Somehow by the time the false alarm had been resolved, a power-outage had occurred in the train terminal which "started affecting the signals". When power came back, the outage had let air pressure out of the track-switching equipment, and so a *further* delay was required while it was repressurized. Two hours later (9:05pm), trains finally started leaving the station again, by which time I had thoroughly missed the flight from BWI which I was supposed to be taking. Of course that was the last flight of the day...

I ended up taking the overnight Amtrak. Sleeping on trains is not my idea of a good night's rest.

I'll try to write up a fuller account of my part in Verified Voting's Lobby Days Monday-Wednesday of this week, but in the interim here are some links I don't want to lose track of.

First is some coverage of the verifiedvoting.org press conference Wednesday morning. I know that CNN and other organizations were there with video cameras, but the only print writeups I can find via google news this morning are by Grant Gross from the IDG News Service. There are versions of the article in ComputerWorld, PCWorld, and ITWorld. Our press release is on PRNewsWire and directly on the verifiedvoting.org site.

It also came to my attention that Maine has passed state law requiring a voter-verified paper trail for elections. The two Republican Senators from Maine were on my target list for lobbying, but I ran out of time on Wednesday. If I'd have known of Maine's success here, I would have put them much higher on my priority list. We need more Republican support for Senate bull S.1980: these two should certainly hear from us!

Tags: elections, vvld

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