Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

More random thoughts --- this time about sketchy development hardware. This is where 99% of you should start to tune out:

I'm working with a SKIFF "personal server" board from Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory, and I've wasted four days straight on trying to get all the pieces of it working. Took me a day to get the kernel (Linux, natch) up-to-date, another day to get USB working to the point where I realized that my camera didn't work, another day trying to get the general-purpose I/O pins to memory map to the place they were supposed to, another day to try to get a PCMCIA wireless ethernet card working, then a day to discover that you could have *either* PCMCIA *or* USB but not both (of course), then a day to give up on the PCMCIA wireless ethernet and try a USB wireless ethernet device -- which also didn't work -- another day to debug and fix a kernel Oops on USB device disconnection which turned out to have absolutely zero zilch to do with the problems I was actually trying to solve, another day to abandon the USB networking and try PCMCIA again, this time with a different card by a different vendor... i've added up to more days than i meant to by this point, but you get the point.

It's been very very frustrating. If any one knows of (a) a USB wireless ethernet device that works under linux, or (b) why my read_cis_mem() methods always return zeros, I'd certainly appreciate the help. =)

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