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Poland Rocks!
Poland stood up to the attempt to ram software patents through the European Union Council. Yay, Poland! France, Hungary, Latvia and the Netherlands wanted to express reservations, and Germany's minister of agriculture was trumped by a diplomat from the German representation in Brussels, but only Poland actually had the guts to stand up to the Dutch EU Presidency and keep the false agreement from being passed off as a real consensus. As Jonas Maebe says, "Today, Poland saved European democracy and did a tremendous service to the European IT-sector. Thanks to them, the will of the Dutch and German national parliaments can be respected in a future vote." Poland stopped what Linus Torvalds and others had already denounced as a "deceptive, dangerous, and democratically illegitimate" proposal. It's a good day for the EU --- when software patents kill IT in the US, at least there's still *somewhere* it's possible to go.


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