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Victory is for the dogs (no, really!)
Massachusetts' attack on rescue groups (see previous entry) continues unabated -- but on another front, the dogs have carried the day: the efforts of som|dog have succeeded in making off-leash dog recreation once-again legal in Somerville. Previously, dogs were legally required to be leashed at all times unless they were "on the premises of the owner or custodian" or in a vehicle or boat. Last night, city ordinance 13-4 was amended to unleash the dogs.

This is the necessary first step towards our effort to create off-leash dog parks in Somerville. Within two weeks, we hope to have accomplished the second step, which is the estabishment of a municipal revolving fund for these parks... and then we can start raising money for them in earnest. Step by step...

But today: victory!

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You are something else.

I never even realized that people could make such a huge fuss about regulating dogs until I started seeing signs where dogs can play only between the hours of like 3pm anf 5pm or something, and of course, there's the weirdness of having a separate beach for dogs, but at least it keeps the doggie smell confined to the one area. Hmmm so maybe not such a terrible thing to regulate, as long as the regulations are reasonable.

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Re: Victory for the Dogs

Actually, I did write this, but it was so long ago, i forgot.

Generally when I've been to dog parks and dog beaches in the U.S. the dogs have all been quite well behaved.
I guess there's so much litigation out here that people are not inclined to put themselves in a position to be sued by someone so unruly dogs generally stay on leashes.

Re: Victory for the Dogs

That how it should be in my opinion.
It makes a lot of sense.

Re: Victory for the Dogs

Regulations for dogs seems a good choice. In some way could it look exaggerated, but like humans dogs also need rules. If not why may happen. Imagine a world when dogs rule the human and attack us.

Talk about confusion because I am so socially inept

My response in 2005 was not meant to be taken seriously
I meant it as good natured ribbing of my old college friend Scott who is always so wonderfully earnest and focused.

Of course dog parks are a good idea.
Now please ALL, stop responding to my silly old post as though I were being serious.

Thank you.
C.D. '98

P.S. Hi Scott, hope you are thriving.

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