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Baby Goes Home
Our first foster greyhound, Baby Go (racing name "Go Go Baby Go"), was adopted yesterday morning by a charming woman (and her mom) who are certain to baby her as she deserves. =) It's a great feeling of accomplishment to have brought Baby from a frightened ex-racer at the kennel who had never seen stairs, non-greyhound dogs, or windows (!) to the happy well-adjusted crowd-pleaser who will do anything for a treat. =) And now we can devote our full energies to our new(er) foster, the RebDog (aka "Reb's Cannonball"), who still has so much to learn!

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Nicely done Scott (don't call me C....),
Kudos to you that you make time to take care of these things.
Someone ought to and at the moment, I'm not available. ;-)

... on your fabulous success fostering Baby Go.

And thanks for the link to Cool.

Scott, this is turning into a dog blog, you know. :-)

Re: Congratulations

The dogs will have their day. =)

A happy ending is always great to hear, racing greyhounds often have a hard life and it must take work to get them back to being a family pet.

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