Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

The RebDog goes home...

...or rather, she is home already! I'll let Jessica tell the story:
So after reading her bio (which of course, I wrote) and a few days of soul-searching, there was just no way to conceive of letting her leave. I'm happy to report that Reb has agreed to stay. Thanks to Andrea for putting the idea in my head.. [...]

Since we CAN NOT keep calling her Reb and stay sane (Rebekah will agree), new name suggestions will be considered. The winner will be rewarded with an endless supply of personal satisfaction. [...]

If you're bored at work, watch the addictive webcam!


Jessica, Scott, and Reb (for now).

Tags: greyhound welfare, lotte, somdog

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