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Overheard on the radio
As I was walking to work this morning, a snippet of radio caught my ear:

The US Army announced that it killed 37 suspected insurgents in its latest operation...

These statements really bother me. What this sentence means is that perhaps we killed 37 bad guys yesterday. But just maybe we killed 37 perfectly innocent people—and we're not going to bother to tell the difference. I was wrongfully arrested once, and I'm keenly aware that mistakes can and do get made. At what point do we stop making the "realities of war" excuse and start seriously attempting the pursuit of justice?

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True...I can't say I have ever been wrongly accused, but I know a few that have. Nice site by the way. I spent about two hours looking at all your stuff. You remind me a lot of my self and I admire you work. Keep it up...

Matthew Stone

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