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Random work-related links which I may as well post here. If you're looking for ARM-linux related stuff, you've come to the right place. The rest of you can just ignore this, except as (perhaps) some cryptic clue to the work I'm actually doing at the moment:

Linux kernel from
rmk patches from
Nicolas' patches to rmk's version are at:

ARM Linux homepage:
2.2.x series release notes:
And there's also
but they're just a distribution.

A kernel patch to make Iomega clik! drives work can be found at
2.2.18 should have this patch.
doesn't seem to be in 2.4 yet, though.

pcmcia at

wlan driver at:

some usb info:

Video4Linux is at
Video4Linux Two is at

IBM Net Camera support page:
(including directions on getting the source from CVS)
OV511 camera support page:

Wireless tools:

Java binding for V4L:


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