Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian


There's a very interesting talk by Robert Bussard on electrostatic confinement fusion, which could be validated, he claims, by a mere $200 million investment. Casual readers of this blog might not be aware that I put in a summer at the Princeton Plasma Physics laboratory, trying to save the work through (tokamak) fusion. Dr. Bussard's work seems very reasonable to me, and I hope he gets the required money to continue his research.

I worked on degrading high-level nuclear waste using neutron products from fusion reactions: basically one of the only ways to remove weapons-grade nuclear products from the world. We'd call this "keeping stray nukes from terrorists" now, I suppose. This was partly a political hack to get funding for sub-breakeven fusion reactors, but it works just as well as a rationale for investing in a reactor technology which could actually break even and produce power. So let's do it! Let's break down that high-level nuclear waste!

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