Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

DMCA admitted not to "work out very well"

One of the architects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act acknowledged that "our Clinton administration policies didn't work out very well" and "our attempts at copyright control have not been successful" in a conference in Montreal. Michael Geist attended the conference and reported the news. The conference's topic was on music and copyright reform in Canada; the US is pressuring our northern neighbors to enforce draconian restrictions on fair use similar to our DMCA. Hopefully the Canadians will heed the message and resist the pressure.

In other news, Slashdot brings some stories of ignored referendums. It's easy to claim that voters "don't know what they're voting for" when the politicans don't like what the voters have asked for, apparently... read the high-moderated comments on the article for more examples. Sigh.

But at least you can use genetic engineering to add additional color receptors to expand the number of "colors" we can see. I'd love to know what the world looks like with 4 color receptors, instead of my plebian 3.

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