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Whoo-hoo! I found my friend whitney on live journal! Seems the live journal search function has been lying to me for quite some time.

Now if she would only post a comment on my log once in a while. =)

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so, i see you finially got yerself a picture. is that from your new webcam? ;)

and yeah, comments are hard to come by, actually. if you write something you put alot of thought into, about the general trends in your life and blah blah blah, you'll occasionally get something. random observations do slightly better. and one you have a decent crop of regular readers, you can do something like just post "hi" and get 20-some-odd friend bridgid did this about a month ago. it was funny.

Yes, it is, and I hate it. The picture, not the webcam. The webcam is utterly groovy; I just wish I could get it to work with the hardware on the mobile robot it's supposed to go on.

I think I really prefer no picture. They're find in looking someone up [or looking someone over, as the case may be =) ], but I find their presence on the comments page really distracting. Maybe I'm too "word" oriented. And I really do have trouble recognizing unfamiliar faces. If I read through a page of comments and see "florbis" as a username a coupla dozen times, he gets to be familiar. But I can't seem to construct a conherent stream of dialog from the pokey huge pictures sprung everywhere.


And they really should make an e-mail reply to the LiveJourmal auto-email system generate a reply *post* on the web log. It's just too tempting to hit 'r' when the "comment" comes in via email. No reason why they can't unify the systems better.

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