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Jobs jobs jobs!
Want to work with me? One Laptop Per Child is hiring for a large number of positions right now. It's a great place to work. Check out the posted job descriptions -- but there are a number of open positions that haven't quite made it to that page yet. Drop me a line if you're interested but don't see exactly what you're looking for on the list.

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Hi Scott, remember me? The last time you saw me was at the DFW airport and you almost missed your plane. :-)

Anyway, great work on the OLPC. We have one sitting here in our office in Chaing Mai. We hope to get our simple dictionary program to work on it at some point. The program is called WeSay. Check it out if you get a chance at:

The guys here have been able to get WeSay to run on our OLPC machine but there are some resolution problems to contend with. Plus, it is a cross-platform application which needs Mono to run. Right now keyboard support on Mono isn't sufficient to run multi-lingual applications outside of Windows which is a real shame. I really want to see this on Linux at some point.

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