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Two questions and a link
Question #1: why doesn't OLPC have any sound theme support in its GUI? Are sounds considered distracting in a classroom environment? Methinks we should look at libcanberra.

Question #2: I wonder if we could merge our funny OLPC activity-and-base-system upgrade mechanism with PackageKit? It seems it was explicitly designed to be tolerant of weird back ends like ours. We could make installing user-local fonts, etc, much more robust and "standard", as well as provide a standard backdoor into RPM for tasks which simply must modify the root filesystem.

Link: a few weeks ago, I put together some screencasts of next-generation Journal prototypes for OLPC. If you're curious what I'm working on, here's part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 at about 5 minutes each (created with recordMyDesktop).

But that's not what I'm working on right now, which is another proof-of-concept prototype of "click to translate" functionality for GTK apps. I'll screencast that as soon as I've got something to show.

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Hmm -- the docs are promising, aren't they:

For instance . . . we can have a link to install build files to start hacking on PackageKit Sugar.

Now, this .catalog file is handled by gpk-install-catalog that parses this file and causes the appropriate packages to be installed if they are not already installed. This rocks as we can get GTK+, Xorg hackers kids up to speed with the minimum of fuss and confusion. It also lets people put links on webpages to install all the stuff you need . . .

The Rainbow interaction is unclear to me though.

Re: PackageKit fanboyism

I think the Rainbow interaction is probably via PolicyKit. To the extent that the security decisions are decoupled from the rest of the package infrastructure, I think we Win.

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