Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian

Peru video update!

On my last trip to Peru, I brought back a DVD of video material which Peru's Ministry of Education has created to document and promote their One Laptop per Child project. I've uploaded it now to http://download.laptop.org/content/media/Peru-MoE/, converted it to the free Ogg Theora video format, and put some of the videos up on YouTube for easy viewing.

My favorite is the Children's Song (ogg), which sings about the joy of learning with an XO. The first Peru program (ogg) contains the song subtitled in English, which some of you may enjoy more:

Peru video inside the cut.Collapse )

The second Peru program (ogg) is a mashup of various press features on OLPC in Peru, starting with a very nice BusinessWeek piece (in English), followed by a piece for infordata.tv (subtitled in English), and ending with a piece for a Japanese program (at least that's what I think it is, I can't read the subtitles!).

More to come!

Tags: olpc, peru

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