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The Joys of Captioning

It may be old news to you, dear reader, but I discovered OverStream last night and was very impressed. It lets you take web video (say, from YouTube) and create caption streams for it, emitting a standard SRT file which you can then re-import into YouTube, all using web-based tools.

I used this to translate a brief video on OLPC's Arahuay pilot in Peru (ogg version w/o captions):

Help wanted: there's lots of video from Peru in my YouTube channel. You can create an account over at OverStream to caption it -- and if you send me the resulting SRT file, we can make this media more accessible to non-Spanish speakers.

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Whoa, neat! Closed-captioned anything generally gets my +1 vote. Another related site is, which seems a little more focused on internationalization in particular; it's what ILXO used to subtitle disassembly videos (example).

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