Dr. C. Scott Ananian (cananian) wrote,
Dr. C. Scott Ananian


This is going to be a quick entry to slake some of my consumerist urges. Don't think I'm going to blow the dough on any of these things right now, but it makes me feel good to put (links to) them in this corner over here so that I can buy them later if I want. =) Or --- you can buy them for me! That's right, gifts are always happily accepted here at C-Scott's place. If you're industrious enough, I'm sure you can find an address somewhere on here to send them to.

(I really ought to be finishing up my linguistics paper---on constraint ordering by perceptibility, via a statistical analysis of English reduplication---but I'm taking a break between sections and I want to close some of the browser windows which are cluttering my screen.)

W/o further ado:

That's all, folks.

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