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Geeky Plays
OK, I've been obsessed with math/sci plays of late. Here are a few that I'd *love* to work on:
  • Copenhagen, by Michael Frayn. Probes the undecidabilities at the heart of Werner Heisenberg's wartime atomic bomb effort for Hitler.
  • Proof, by David Auburn. A mix of mystery and math in some ways similar to Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard. Very nicely written.
  • No Mercy, by Constance Congdon. About the first atomic bomb test. Achieves a nice spiritual aspect on the lost boys of our nuclear program...
  • An Experiment With An Air Pump by Shelagh Stephenson. Actually, I haven't read this one yet, but it's been recommended and is on my to-do list. =)

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How about Arcadia by Tom Stoppard?

Re: Geeky plays - old

It's true, it's a geeky play, but it seems rather overdone now. Or, let me rephrase that: it's become such a standard 'Stoppard' text on college curriculums that it's hard to find people still willing to take a fresh look at it, or to watch it performed without their college professor in the back of their head. And we all *know* Stoppard is geeky. =) I'm always excited to find *others* of his ilk. =)

You'll like Experiment

"Copenhagen" is wonderful to read but if you get the chance see the play, or better yet buy the CD. The play was recorded with the Broadway cast and I highly recommend it. I can not describe the play's kick in the chest when it was performed on Broadway.I saw it 3 times, even sitting in the "heavenly court" seats on stage and was knocked out everytime.

"Proof" was fair on stage. I had just seen "Copenhagen" when I saw" Proof" and it paled in comparison. Actually many of the people sitting around me called it a friendlier form of "Copenhagen".

"Proof" is not really similar to "Arcadia", that award would go to "Experiment with an Air Pump".
Both are time traveling plays about science and all of that. "Experiment" is very good although the general feeling was it was a poor man's"Arcadia" (its not).Personally I loved it.I thought it wasn't perfect but think its better than alot of other plays of ideas I've read, even "Proof".The last speech,which I heard being recited just a couple of weeks before the turning of the century moved me deeply.(so much so I enclosed it in my Christmas cards that year, much to the confusion of all who received them.)

If you like "Experiment" try one of the author's other plays, one with the" water" in the title, its very good, not about science but three sisters at a parents funeral. Forgive me , the name escapes me, but search it out ,you'll like that too.

Re: You'll like Experiment

I did like 'Experiment', when I did finally get around to reading it. I, took was disappointed with the 'Proof' on stage---but "on stage" may be too generous. I saw the televised excerpt from 'Proof' that the Broadway cast performed at the Tonys, and I was not terribly impressed at all. But I thought that had more to do with disappointing acting/directing, and less to do with the intrinsic worthiness of the text.

I'll look for the 'water' play. That sounds interesting. =)

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