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Words With Pirates

I've caught the Words With Friends bug. Worse: the Words With Pirates subtype. (It's all the tile-placement and strategy fun of Words with less of the tedious racking your brain for obscure words; a more relaxing variant for when I don't want to think so hard.)

Today I discovered that I didn't actually understand the full word-creation rules for Words With Pirates. For the benefit of other similarly unenlightened folk, here's the accepted word list as a regular expression:


In more verbose format, these are all the words:

ar arg argh gar garg gargh gyar gyarg gyargh har harg hargh harhar harharhar hyar hyarg hyargh yar yarg yargh

In addition, an exclamation mark is always allowed at the end, and any non-zero number of r's may be substituted for any r.

Note that the words 'har', 'harhar', and 'harharhar', with optional exclamation marks at the end, are allowed. This is a little unusual, since the 15x15 grid should allow 'harharharhar' and 'harharharharhar' to also be played -- but these are not in the dictionary. Nevertheless, these oddball forms will probably prove useful to those stuck with excess a's.

For the benefit of the obsessive, there are 15 A's (worth 2 points), 9 G's (worth 3 points), 6 H's (worth 5 points), 28 R's (worth 1 point), 3 Y's (worth 10 points), and 3 !'s (worth 10 points), for a total of 64 tiles.


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Slight errors in the word list

For what it's worth, it appears that there are some slight errors in the word list. The following are words which should be allowed, but which are not: garrrrrrrrrrgh! garrrrrrrrrrrg! garrrrrrrrrrrgh garrrrrrrrrrrrg harrrrrrrrrrrg! harrrrrrrrrrrrg

In addition, there are some length 16 and 17 words in the word list which can't actually be played on a 15x15 board, and 'gyarrrrrrrr!' is listed twice.

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