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cananian's Journal

Dr. C. Scott Ananian
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C. Scott Ananian is a senior software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation. Previously he was the Director, New Technologies for One Laptop per Child. He received his PhD in computer science from MIT, and before joining OLPC was a local activist and organizer for copyright issues. He organized Free Sklyarov Boston in July 2001, and in 2004 and 2005 was the lead programmer for the Election Incident Reporting System, which collected real-time data on elections across the US. He's a kernel hacker, advocate of voter verifiable elections, and part-time khipu researcher. Now he tries to build robust and reliable systems to allow kids (and adults) to discover, share, and learn.
activism, activists, adrien brody, anticorporate, arm, arm linux, barry yourgrau, bass guitar, beckett, blade runner, books, boston, brautigan, brecht, c, cambridge, chai tea, challenge square dancing, charles mee, chirp, civil disobedience, communism, compilers, constance congdon, contagious interest list memes, cooking, cradle will rock, cryptography, css, cusack, dave eggers, david ives, democracy, dogs, e.e. cummings, eff, elvis costello, embedded systems, english, eugene ionesco, fellini, film noir, free software, free software foundation, free speech, free verse, frogs, fsf, gabriel garcia marquez, gaffers tape, gnu, greyhounds, hair dye, harry potter, hedwig, high fidelity, indymedia, introversion, jack kerouac, john cusak, jon stewart, ken kalfus, kernel hacking, kerouac, kevin smith, lasers, len jenkin, lighting, lighting design, linguistics, linux, literature, lou reed, mac wellman, matt ruff, moxy früvous, mozilla, musicals, mystery hunt, nabokov, nader, narcissism, neal stephenson, ntk.net, optimality theory, paco ignacio taibo ii, palmos, paul auster, perl, peter sellars, phonology, piano, plays, playwriting, plutonium, poetry, programming, protest, radiohead, ralph nader, reading, red sox, reduplication, revolution, revolutionary unionism, revolutions, richard brautigan, richard foreman, robotics, salon, samuel beckett, sarah slean, self-reference, silver, slashdot, sluggy, sluggy freelance, socialism, speakeasy, square dancing, stagecraft, steel-toed boots, strong bad email, strongarm, tea, tennessee williams, the beatles, the cure, the flying karamazov brothers, the kinks, the royal tenenbaums, the smell of rain, theater, theatre, theodor geisel, thoreau, tom stoppard, tom tomorrow, tom waits, trotsky, turing, unix, visors, vizslas, vonnegut, voynich manuscript, weimaraners, william finn, wind, writing